Monica C. Baker Photography | Newborn Session Tips

Some Helpful Tips For A Successful Newborn Session

  • Safety First! - I ALWAYS take special precautions to ensure the safety of my clients during every session. I take extra precautions such as keeping my hair tied back, and using hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean at all times. I ALWAYS ask for the parents to be involved during a newborn session. You will consistently be close to your baby during every setup to maximize comfort and safety standards.

  • It is important to inform the photographer before the session if your child has any allergies. This can be food related or fabric/dye related. This is so we can ensure the utmost safety for your child during this special time.

  • I will be using a heating fan during the session. It will be set to a low setting to keep the room warm. This helps keep the baby warm during the session, especially if they will be wrapped without clothing in just a diaper. They will be so comfortable that this will reduce the chance of agitation due to being cold.

  • Please bring with you a bottle or two of formula/breast milk to have on hand for any in-between mini-feedings to help sooth baby into sleep if needed. Please also bring any needed diapers, changing materials, pacifiers, etc that would be helpful for baby in between photography takes to stay settled. 

  • Please try to keep your newborn awake and alert as much as possible 2 hours before the scheduled session start. I know this seems counter-productive, but it really helps create the "dreamy/sleepy" baby images that so many new parents enjoy in their newborn photos. I also advise to have a feeding session when I arrive, or 15-20 minutes prior to session start so that the baby will be sleepy and content with their full tummies. 

    • For mothers who are breastfeeding: Please do not eat any spicy foods the day before, and the day of the session. I have seen some pretty upset babies who had upset tummies from the spicy food they inadvertently ingest through the breastmilk. I appreciate the accommodation! =]

  • I do my best to bring as many options as possible for a newborn session. However, if you have any sentimental items such as hats, headbands, blankets or stuffed animals, I encourage you to let me know so we can incorporate these into the session. Newborn sessions typically run 2 - 3+ hours depending on many factors, but they can certainly be worked into the images created.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the photographer after reviewing these tips, please feel free to reach out as soon as possible. I look forward to capturing memories for you soon!