Help Support Naya Rose's Road To Recovery

Monica C. Baker Photography is PROUD to support the recovery journey of Naya and the Barnes Family.

Please consider visiting Naya Rose's Road To Recovery page to make a donation.

After open heart surgery complications caused brain damage, Naya needs serious physical therapy. Please consider supporting her on her road to recovery.

On January 21, 2013, Sarah Barnes traveled to China to adopt her then four and half year-old daughter Naya Rose with her sister Rose Barnes and friend Melissa Morris. Sarah knew her daughter had congenital heart disease, however upon arriving home to California, her first cardiology appointment was not at all what she expected. Sarah learned Naya has a very serious heart condition.

One year later, Naya went in to the hospital to have the Fontan surgery allowing her heart to function for another decade or two, with the hope for improvements in technology over this time to keep her heart healthy for a lifetime. However, after the first open-heart surgery, there were complications, such as another open-heart surgery and abdominal bleeding losing much of her blood.

Naya Rose then had to go into a third open-heart surgery and have the surgery reversed. Sarah experienced something no mother should have to go through, when the doctor feared she had experienced low oxygen resulting in brain damage. Through months of recovery, and a sliver of hope through a smile on Naya’s before emotionless face, God revealed Himself in a tangible way. Naya Rose is now not just smiling, she is laughing, herself again, moving her body parts, though still has some way to go, such as gaining the strength to stand and walk on her own again, and run!

God knows how to be a miracle provided through His Son Jesus and we all are so thankful for all He has done.

Naya Rose is currently in physical therapy to gain the strength to stand, walk and run. She is occupational therapy to improve her motor skills and speech therapy to work on her communication.

That’s where we are asking for help for another miracle. God has provided so much through all of this, through your prayers and His power and might and His glory.

The money donated will be going directly to out-of-pocket payments for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, which Naya has already started. Sarah will have expenses of $265 a week that her insurance does not cover. The goal of $15,000 will cover one year of therapy for Naya Rose!

Occupational therapy helps with fine motor skills, such as writing and using her fingers and hands. Speech therapy helps you develop the ability to speak full sentences and pronounce correctly. Physical therapy will be working on her gross motor skills such as standing balancing, and eventually walking and running!

If you would like to send a check to go towards Naya and Sarah and be tax deductible, please make the check out to Littlefield Foundation with Naya's name in the notes. You can mail the check directly to Sarah:

Sarah Barnes
39870 Golden Rod Road
Temecula, California 92591

Thank you for hearing Sarah and Naya’s story. Please feel free to share if you feel led and remember to keep them in your daily prayers for a comforting journey on this road to recovery. Love in Christ,

-The Barnes Family and Friends